The Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection site is designed to enlighten the public to the organizations, affiliations, and personalities whom sponsor and take an active part in terrorism. Within these pages you will come to face to picture with fanatics from all over the world who will stop at almost nothing to validate - or get exposure for their causes.  

Knowledge is only the first step in preventing ourselves from becoming a target of terrorists.  Force Protection is analyzing your surroundings to develop and implement a plan, making anyone think twice about targeting you and therefore choose an easier target.

We have conducted operations throughout Asia and will be conducting seminars to businesses, organizations, and agencies throughout the world.  We have expertise in conducting surveys and advised organizations in countries to include Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines in Counter-Terrorism and Force Protection procedures.  

The links of this site will enable you to get information on some terrorist organizations throughout the world enabling you to understand what these people want.  You will have the opportunity to see the faces of some terrorists and those who lead them.  Hopefully this will help you know a little about areas where you might be traveling, and what to look out for.  There are also links to federal sites which have additional information on both Terrorism and Force Protection.  

We encourage you to make the most of these sites.  We are currently building / expanding our services and hope you will come back in the future.

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